Amazing new technologies wireless hearing aids are available which can help hearing aids users with various activities such as watching TV etc.


Pure Tone Audiometry involves presenting sounds of different frequencies and intensities to the patient through Headphones with the help of Audiometer and patient responds to sound by raising a hand or pressing the button if He/She hears it.
The standard procedure is used to measure a quiet-est sound the patient can hear at different frequencies (pitches). Depending on the results the hearing is categorized as normal or affected. Hearing loss is further categorized in different degrees, for example, Mild /Moderate/severe/etc.
This test also helps in knowing which part of ear is affected as our ear is divided into three different parts.



The human ear is made up of three parts –the outer, the middle and the inner ear. This test helps in testing the middle Ear’s condition. A small probe is inserted in an outer ear to get the measurement /graph on the device (tympanometer) ; which tells about the movements of your eardrum and middle ear infections/fluid in middle ear/middle ear air pressure etc.